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We introduce ourselves as an Authorized Distributor for Gawde Electricals in the field of CT/PT/Isolators.

AWSS has catered itself in to wide domain areas such as Private Industries, Power Industries, Generating Stations, Power Utilities, Oil & Gas Industries, Petro Chemical Industries, OEMs, EPC contractors and any process industries that calls for supply of CT/PT/Isolators.

CT PT Features
CT/PT Range
Resin Cast CT Ring Type and 3 phase CT Bank type 440V/660V
Resin Cast CT and PT Up to 33KV
Oil Cooled CT and PT up to 66KV
Combine CTPT Metering Set Up to 33KV
Standart CT and PTs O.2 class
Dry Transformer 10KVA
Distribution Transformer 500KVa
HT metering cubicals 11, 22, 33KV
Residual Voltage Transformer 11, 22, 33KV
Control Transformer 100 KVA
Isolation Transformer 50 KVA
High Frequency Transformer 1000 Hz
High Voltage Special Purpose Transformer used for Voltage Doubler and Rectifier Circuit 100 KVA
Oil Test set 100 KVA
High Voltage test set 150 Kv
Relay testing kit 1000 Amp
Cable tester 30 KV D.C
Primary injection kit 5000 Amp
Iron core Reactors -
Air Core Reactors -
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our Clients through Green Innovation.

Our business provides end to end solution and unmatchable service, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures
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