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Wind Mast

AWSS provides monitoring services in two different aspects. First we serve for project monitoring during the project implementation phase, and the second we serve for asset monitoring during the asset in operation and maintenance. This is applicable to improvise productivity and deliver as committed. We come with an extensive experience in both the implementation and asset monitoring phase.

A crucial factor in the development, siting, and operation of a wind plant is the ability to assess and characterize available wind resources. AWSS Renwable supports efforts to accurately define, measure, and forecast the nation's land-based and offshore wind resources. More accurate prediction and measurement of wind speed and direction allow wind plants to supply clean, renewable power to businesses at lower costs. It also help the Investors in two other ways. One is to find out good wind sites before projects, and another one is it will help us to know production estimation for the implemented projects.

Technical Due Diligence Services is one of the detailed evaluation method to assess the performance of the Wind Turbine Generator Service Provider. We will do the complete investigation of the wind turbine along with document reviews, generation reviews, breakdown reviews, etc., and also suggest investors to perform this service yearly once to have better clarity of their assets and its performance. Moreover, this will help them avail better services from the Operation and Maintenance Service Provider.

We undertake wind-energy projects irrespective of the scope and sizes. We will efficiently deliver wind masts with sizes varying between 78 and 160 meters in height. We have delivered over 300 nos. of wind masts so far in India over the past 10 years.

Min & Max Height Total No. States Executed
78-160 Meters 300 Tamil Nadu, AP, TS, MP, KA, MH, GJ, RJ, Mehalaya, Odisha
  • Supply, Civil Foundation , Erection, Installation and Commissioning of the Windmast
  • Site Survey
  • Identification of the right sites for setting up windmill projects in any part of India
  • Wind Monitoring & Measurement
  • Wind certification services
  • Wind Mast installation and commissioning of data loggers
  • Monthly collection of wind data from GSM
  • Micrositing & Optimization
  • WTG Suitability
  • Energy Production Estimation
  • Performance monitoring and management
  • Windmast supply services including electronics components for commissioning of Windmast such as Data Logger, Anemometers, Wind vane, Temperature Sensors, cables, solar panels, Supply of Windmast Accessories of the mechanical kind like Turnbuckle, D Shackle, Wire-rope, U Clamp, Thimble, etc
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