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WMS Solutions

Weather Monitoring Station (WMS) is one of the most crucial instruments installed in Solar PV Power plants & Wind Farms. A weather monitoring station can be immensely helpful in monitoring the efficiency and performance of any solar power plant & Wind. The data from the WMS can be used to get many insights about the plant operation and possible avenues to increase the plant output. As we are aware, even a small decline in the plant efficiency can significantly affect the energy output.

AWSS has installed over 150 windmasts across India, which is proffered by the Leading Developers, OEM's and EPC companies.

We have hands on experience with datalogger's of leading manufacturers like Aeron, Nomad, Barani Design

Functions of WMS

The main function of WMS is to identify performance ratio by using the weather condition of the solar & wind farms through various sensors, some of the functions listed below

  • Radiation
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Air temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Module temperature
  • Soiling
  • Cloud Cover
Advantages of IOT enabled WMS
  • Planning out the maintenance activities
  • Optimal operation using data
  • Plant safety
  • Remote Montioring through Web & Mobile App
  • SMS, Email & Telegram Alerts
  • Cloud connected
  • Historical Reports
  • User Friendly Dashboard
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