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Substation Automation System

Substations are integral part of any plant which consume or export power. This substation needs to be automated to monitor parameters continuously so that the plant’s consumption adheres to the designed boundaries. In order to achieve that the automation system employs several IEDs such as RTUs, BCU's, Protection relays, reclosers, PLC , MFM's Energy Meters, metering at several stages switching, volt / VAR , wave form monitoring, event data, management etc. It is also essential to follow the required IEC standards.

AWSS Digital team has executed several SAS projects in India, European, GCC & South Asian countries on various industries & utilities

  • Airports
  • Factory
  • Offshore & Onshore Oil & Gas Industries
  • Power Grids upto 765kV
  • Solar plants
  • Wind Farms
  • Our experts has the ability to easily understand and provide solution to the Problems being faced through the Vast experience gained Globally.
Software packages

We Expertise in the following softwares over a decade

  • Schneider Electric - Pacis, EcoSUI, VijeoCitect, Easergy Studio & Sepam SFT
  • Alstom - DSAgile, Aview & Micom S1Agile
  • Copa Data - Zenon Energy Edition, Zenon Supervisor
  • Survalent - SmartVU, HMIVU, SCADA Explorer, WorldView
Communication Data Exchange formats
  • Distributed Network Protocol - DNP3
  • Modbus® RTU and TCP
  • IEC 61850 Ed1 & Ed2 - MMS & GOOSE
  • IEC 60870-5 – 101/104
  • IEC 60870-6/TASE.2 / ICCP - client and server
  • OLE for Process Control - OPC DA
  • OPC Unified Architecture - OPC UA - client and server
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Buffered and Unbuffered Reporting
  • Alarms and Event Mangement
  • Historian Design
  • GOOSE communication
  • Historical Reports
  • Cyber secure communication - Multilevel Authentication
  • Cross product Integration
  • Seamless Redundancy through PRP & HSR
Supervisory Control
  • Supports control features to assist operators to operate the electrical network safely and optimally
  • Validation of enforcement of switching interlock logics
  • Automatic pre-switching & post-switching logic verification
  • Interlock based on switching devices positions
  • Automatic interlock conflict checking
  • Ability to model cascade control of switching devices
  • Active monitoring of switching interlock violations
  • Switching plan validation against hazardous actions
  • Feeder Operation Logics
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