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Solar PV Monitoring

Today, solar energy companies have more options than ever for making the most out of their equipment. Harnessing the power of digital transformation with IoT can resolve common challenges associated with complex energy grids and make it far easier to manage panels and energy output. For solar energy companies, installing an IoT system will help meet customers’ demands and improve overall efficiency. It is no longer a question of whether to attempt IoT digital transformation, but rather how to do it successfully.

The main benefit of using IoT in solar energy is that you can see exactly what’s happening with all your assets from one central control panel. By connecting your devices to a cloud network, you can identify where the problem originated and dispatch a technician to fix it before it disrupts your entire system. For instance, you may see that your network is running perfectly, but there is a problem with one of your devices. Without IoT, it would be difficult to determine whether the problem was network-related or hardware-related. The IoT provides the intelligence for you to identify issues in real time, as the error occurs so the source can be located and resolved quickly.

Using the IoT, your system will be less susceptible to outages and productivity issues (resulting from downtime) and potentially costly security breaches. By installing an all-in-one edge-to-cloud IoT solution to connect your solar assets, you can manage the largest solar grids in the world, even with thousands of individual devices connected to your network

In addition to providing companies with real-time alerts, leveraging IoT in solar energy can lead to improvements in power quality and performance by collecting historical data for modelling. This makes energy production more efficient both in terms of cost and logistics.

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