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We introduce ourselves as an Sales partner for Digilog in the field of metering solutions.

AWSS has catered itself in to wide domain areas such as Private Industries, Power Industries, Generating Stations, Power Utilities, Oil & Gas Industries, Petro Chemical Industries, OEMs, EPC contractors and any process industries that calls for any Metering Solution scope of works.

Our metering business offers a wide range of high accuracy Energy meters including modems & cubical.

Digilog Modems
DLMS to MODBUS Converter

DL-DLMS gateway is a simple DCU which can act as a DLMS client and provide you data over MODBUS. It is an intelligent device which pulls data from the meter at predefined intervals and provides the upstream system with meter data over MODBUS.

Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our Clients through Green Innovation.

Our business provides end to end solution and unmatchable service, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures
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