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Want to send data to the SLDC? There are much easier ways!

The Main purpose of the Telemetry unit is Remote Monitoring and controlling the switchgears like Breakers, Disconnectors, Transformers, Energy meters and WMS in Solar Power Plants and the Active Power monitoring and Turbine Status in the Wind Generation sites.

It generally acts as a gateway in converting the Primary protocol to the preferred protocol (usually IEC 60850-104 which is used by the SLDC ). All the Intelligent Devices that can Communicate through any Industrial Standard Protocol through Ethernet or Serial cable can Integrated to the System and its Live values can be Retrieved.

We can help in Collecting the required data from the field either through Hardwire or other protocol and Transmit it to the LDC / Control Centers where the data turns out to be critical.


We have a built a compact device considering the requirements and named it as T100, which can be used for projects where protocol conversion is needed and a dedicated product which can be used for

  • Solar PV Parks Wind
  • Generation Sites
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